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Ever craved to see someone's Insta DP in full size didn't know how? InstaDP - a free tool which allows you to view anyone's Instagram profile picture in high quality along with the private profiles! Yes, it's correct you can now check insta dp of the private profiles as well with the help of us.

As everyone is aware, Instagram doesn't allow you to view profile pictures like other social media platforms. It has no option to enlarge the Instagram profile picture. This instadp will enable you to zoom in the picture in its original size and even allow you to download the insta profile pic.

Why is InstaDp Tool useful to you?

As you are aware there a lot of apps available on your playstore/ios. However, you have to download the app make space and keep it on your mobile. Well here to download the profile picture or view insta profile is just a click away.

It is more compatible to use the web version as it is excellent for the user to download. No matter what! Android or iPhone we won't disappoint you. You are served with just what you need with the best quality.

How are we different from others?

Instagram has over 900 million active users. The search bar at the top yes the search bar will help you stalk the profile. Just type in the username and you are done.

Why we built this tool?

Well, one day I was following my friend, and I was not able to guess the profile I saw at is his. As his profile was private, I couldn't make out. You can't view their Instagram profile picture well because it is smallest. Here you will be able to view the profile picture in less than 1 sec. All you need to do is type the username, or you can copy the username and paste it in the search bar. You can even stalk your crush(s) or your ex to see what's happening in their life.

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