How to turn off read receipts on instagram?

Boasting over one billion active users, Instagram is a powerful and widely used social networking platform. It’s the perfect tool to keep in contact with family, friends, or even strangers from all corners of the globe! With its highly accessible user interface, everyone can easily use it to stay connected with their loved ones – no matter where they are.


When your friends contact you on Instagram, it’s only natural that they expect an answer swiftly. With their read receipts feature turned on, a sender is aware when you’ve seen the message – so how do you check without informing them? Fortunately, there are ways to read messages sent by friends and family while still keeping your presence unknown – simply switch off read receipts in the settings tab! That way, no one will know if (or when)you have opened their direct message.

Can You Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram?

If you’re searching for an answer to the question of turning off Instagram read receipts, keep going. Unfortunately, it is not possible to deactivate those pesky read receipts on Instagram; whenever you open a direct message or request sent through this social platform, its sender will immediately be notified that the message has been viewed.


Have you ever wanted to read a message without letting the sender know? Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer an official feature that allows users to hide their read receipts. But don’t worry! Read on to find out how this can still be done!

How to Turn off Read Receipts on Instagram?

As earlier stated, there is no direct way to deactivate read receipts for Instagram. However, these tactics are proven effective as you can read through your Instagram messages without the sender being aware that you have opened their message.

1: Turn on Airplane Mode and Log out

If you are looking for a way to read messages on Instagram without activating the dreaded ‘read receipts’, then airplane mode is your answer! By turning off airplane mode, it works much like going offline. To make this method work for you, simply follow these steps:

  1. To access the Messenger feature in Instagram, open the app and tap on “Messenger,” conveniently located on the upper right corner of your Home page.
  2. instagram-message-icon
  3. To access your message inbox, simply swipe down on the top of your phone to view the Notification panel.
  4. To protect yourself, head to the Notifications panel and switch on “Airplane Mode.” This will instantly disconnect your device from any current internet connection. To be extra safe, you can also disable mobile data or Wi-Fi settings so that your phone isn’t tempted to search out a nearby network while in Airplane Mode.
  5. turn-on-airplane-mode
  6. By engaging airplane mode, you can access your inbox and tap on any email that catches your eye.
  7. instagram-messages

Through this method, you can read the message quietly without notifying the sender that it has been opened.

Note: It is worth reiterating that this method, similar to the first one, is only a temporary solution. As soon as your device connects back online, the read receipt will appear and alert the sender of when you have viewed their message.

Disable Instagram Message Notifications

To ensure no one knows when you’ve read their Instagram messages, turn off the message notifications. To eliminate any trace of having opened a notification in the first place, make sure to open your messages within the app prior to opening it up on your device. This way, even if someone has chosen to activate their read receipts feature – they won’t be able to tell that you’ve seen their message!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by messages, it’s time to hit the off switch! We’ll show you how easy it is.

  1. To access your profile on Instagram, simply open the app and click on the “Profile” icon.
  2. To access your settings, begin by opening your profile. Subsequently, tap the hamburger menu once to open a cascading list of options. Select “Settings” and you are on your way!
  3. instagram-settings-icon
  4. To access your notifications, navigate to the Settings page and tap on “Notifications”.
  5. instagram-notifications-icon
  6. Navigate to the “Notifications” page and select the “Messages and calls” option for further action.
  7. messages-and-calls
  8. To turn off message notifications, go to the “messages and calls” section and select both the “messages” and “message requests”. Once you are there, simply press on the circles next to where it says “off”.
  9. turn-off-message-requests

After taking these steps, message request notifications will be completely removed from your phone. This means there is no risk of accidentally opening a message due to the presence of unwanted alerts.

Restrict the Sender

  1. To get in touch with the sender of your message, visit their Instagram profile. On the right-hand upper side, you’ll notice three vertical dots – that’s where you can contact them!
  2. the-sender
  3. For optimal results, tap on the “Restrict” option.
  4. restrict the sender
  5. Upon limiting access, revisit your inbox. The received message should now be found in the “message requests” folder as restricted users must receive permission prior to sending you a direct message.
  6. restricted-account
  7. Bypass the read receipt and take in this message without leaving a trace.
  8. Having read the message, you now desire to reply. All you have to do is visit the sender’s profile and tap on the “Unrestrict” button. It’s that easy!
  9. unrestrict-the-sender

Disable Active Status

If you’re looking to deactivate read receipts, disabling your active status is the way to go. By switching off the “Show Activity Status” option and also tapping “Don’t Show When You’re Active Together,” both users will be unknowing of one another’s online presence on Instagram- thus eradicating any evitable notifications or read receipts. Here are a few easy steps in order to disable your active status on Instagram:

  1. Unlock the world of Instagram by tapping on the “profile” icon in the app.
  2. Access the 3-line (hamburger) menu located at the top right of your profile. Then, press “Settings” to proceed.
  3. instagram-settings-icon
  4. In order to safeguard your data, locate the “Privacy” option and select it.
  5. instagram-privacy-icon
  6. To adjust your Privacy settings, select the “Activity status” button by tapping it just once.
  7. activity-status
  8. Disable the “Show Activity Status” feature by clicking on the toggle button. If it appears grey instead of blue, you have successfully deactivated this function.
  9. turn-off-activity-status

After this feature is enabled, the “show when you are active together” setting will be automatically deactivated. This way, you can answer your Instagram messages without alerting the other party that you’re online.

Read from Notification Panel

Need to pause the read receipts? Going offline and using the notification panel is an easy, efficient solution. Here’s how it works:

  1. If you’ve ever sent an Instagram message notification on your device, resist the urge to press it – doing so will open the message and flag that it’s been seen.
  2. instagram-messages
  3. Log onto Instagram and tap the ‘Messenger’ icon on your Home page to begin sending messages.
  4. instagram-message-icon
  5. Reinvigorate your Inbox by giving it a refresh. Then, from the top of your phone screen, pull down to momentarily disconnect either your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection (depending on which network you are using). This will help ensure that all messages appear correctly and with optimal speed!
  6. Once your internet connection has been turned off, you can easily access all of the messages in your notification panel by simply tapping on one.
  7. see-instagram-messages-from-noti

This is a great way to read messages on Instagram without having the “seen” notification appear immediately. However, this method is not permanent; once your mobile device reconnects to the internet, the “seen” message will reappear.

How to Know If Someone Read Your Message on Instagram?

Sending a direct message on Instagram is always exciting, but have you ever wanted to know whether or not they read it? If so, look out for these telling signs. By doing this, you’ll be able to better gauge if your messages are being seen and interacted with!

  1. To start, consider the status of your message in the conversation. If it shows up as ‘Delivered,’ rest assured that it has been sent and received by its intended recipient.
  2. Secondly, check for the blue tick beside their name; this symbolizes they have read your message. Lastly, if you’re still uncertain of what is happening, send a follow-up inquiry and observe whether they reply quicker than normal.
  3. Finally, review the status of your group messages. The “eye” icon displays a member’s profile name who has already read any message sent in the Group.

Can I Read Instagram Messages without Them Knowing?

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Wrapping Up

You don’t have to put up with someone knowing you’ve read their message without so much as a response. With just a few easy steps, you can disable your Instagram read receipts and remain blissfully ignorant of the sender’s knowledge! Though there isn’t an official way to do this yet on Instagram, savvy users understand how they can use several methods in order to turn off those pesky notifications.

The strategies mentioned above will temporarily disable Instagram read receipts and enable you to read messages without the other person knowing. On top of that, if your children are utilizing social media apps, it is a must for parents to install AirDroid Parental Control on their smartphones so as to observe their online activities and make sure they use these networking tools responsibly.