How to Access and Save Instagram Drafts

Have you ever wanted to save a post on Instagram, but weren’t sure how? Fortunately, the app allows users to save drafts of posts before they are published. With the ability to access and save your drafts, you can ensure that you never lose sight of an unfinished post or idea. Here’s how it works.

How to find drafts on Instagram

How to Access and Save Instagram Drafts

Accessing Your Drafts

Instagram offers users the ability to save drafts of posts that have not been published yet. To access these saved drafts, open up your Instagram app and go to the posting page. There will be a small “Save” button at the bottom left corner of the screen with a downward arrow next to it. When you click this button, any draft you have saved will appear in the list below. You can then select the draft you want by tapping on it, which will open up the unfinished post for editing.

Saving Your Drafts

The same “Save” button mentioned above is used for both accessing and saving your drafts. To save an unfinished post as a draft, start creating a post as usual (upload photo/video/story/etc.) From there, click on the “Save” button at the bottom left corner of your screen. A confirmation message should appear letting you know that your draft was successfully saved. You can then come back later and continue working on it whenever you’re ready!

Editing Your Drafts

Once you have accessed an existing draft, you can edit it however you’d like before publishing or saving again as another draft. You can change or add captions/descriptions, hashtags/locations/mentions, stickers/emojis/gifs – anything that is included in creating a normal post! If at any point during editing your post is accidentally deleted or lost, don’t worry – all unsaved progress will be automatically stored in your drafts so that nothing is ever lost!


Drafts are an incredibly useful feature for anyone who creates content on Instagram regularly! Whether you want to save ideas for future posts or just need some extra time to finish one off before publishing, having easy access to saved drafts makes things much easier for everyone involved! With this guide in mind, now all that’s left is getting creative and publishing away! Happy posting!